About the company
SEVAN SV EOOD is one of the leading Bulgarian companies in the production of automotive liquids. The company has its own high-tech laboratory, which controls the incoming raw materials, monitoring during the production and final inspection of finished products. The company has certificates for an integrated management system for: quality - ISO 9001, environment - ISO 14001 issued by TCL.
Always leading to the best result
Car care
Antifreeze and windscreen wipers liquids that will provide quality care and maintenance of your car.
Construction chemistry
Take care of your home with the variety of high quality interior and exterior paints, latex, primers, glue of Sevan.
High quality thinners for diluting materials to working viscosity and for cleaning surfaces.
Car accumulators
Choose the best for your car with Sevan's reliable and safe accumulators
Our products can be found in:

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