Car batteries Energy Silver

Sealed maintenance free

SEVAN ENERGY Silver - offers high starting power combined with long service life. Designed for high class cars with extra equipment and increased electrical consumption.

Its fully encapsulated cover provides trouble-free operation, with no need of maintenance without the possibility of leakage.


Sealed maintenance free - SMF

Ideal for cars with higher level of electrical equipment

Battery charge indicator

Especially suitable for diesel cars

More than 30% increased starting ability

Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions

Increased service life

Highest level of safety from explosion and leakage

Extremely safe in operation

Warranty - 24 months

50Ah 450A SMF Art.No: 93087 Art. code: SVN 50Ah/450A SMF Barcode: 3800231493087 Size: 207/175/175mm 11,9 kg
65Ah 560A SMF Art.No: 93094 Art. code: SVN 65Ah/560A SMF Barcode: 3800231493094 Size: 242/175/175mm 13,9 kg
77Ah 740A SMF Art.No: 93100 Art. code: SVN 77Ah/740A SMF Barcode: 3800231493100 Size: 278/175/175mm 16,7 kg
100Ah 840A SMF Art.No: 93117 Art. code: SVN 100Ah/840A SMF Barcode: 3800231493117 Size: 353/175/175mm 20,7 kg

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50Ah 450A SMF 72 Download Download
65Ah 560A SMF 63 Download Download
77Ah 740A SMF 51 Download Download
100Ah 840A SMF 36 Download Download