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SEVAN SV EOOD is a subsidiary of a company, found in 1993 and has been actively operating on the Bulgarian market for more than 20 years. Due to expansion of company’s business in 2011, the company SEVAN 11 EOOD was established which took over the main production of the company. Later it was renamed SEVAN SV EOOD. The company launched its business with production and trade of Auto fluids – antifreeze and washer fluids. In 2013 the company released on the Bulgarian market organic thinners and solvents, and in March 2014 it launched its new products in the Paint and Water-Based Sealer/Primer sector under the DECOR line, C-200 glue, etc.

SEVAN SV EOOD has its own high-tech laboratory where it exercises incoming control of raw materials, ongoing monitoring of production and final control of finished products.

SEVAN SV EOOD has a distribution network throughout the country and serves its customers with own transport within the country.

The concept of the company’s management is build on the innovative approach and the development of new more effective products for mass consumption, improvement of facilities and working conditions, implementation of new high-performance machinery and new technologies, raising the qualification of its working team, establishing loyalty and trust to partners and customers.

Thanks to good management, high quality and competitive prices of its products, the company has successfully entered the Bulgarian market.

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