Summer windscreen cleaner Sevan 1:10

1LArt. № 91137Art. code SVN ЛТ - 1 LBarcode: 3800231491137

SEVAN® ЛSummer windscreen cleaner 1:10 is concentrated summer windscreen cleaner that perfectly cleans windscreens and headlights, providing perfect visibility and driving safety. It quickly removes dirt such as insects, dust, resins, diesel soot etc. SEVAN® Summer windscreen cleaner 1:10 prevents clogging of the nozzles and formation of deposits in the tank of the windscreen washer system. It is suitable for polycarbonate headlights and flat fan spray nozzles. Extends the service life of the windscreen wipers. 

SEVAN® Summer windscreen cleaner 1:10 can be diluted with water in 1:10 ratio. For maximum cleaning effect dilute it in 1:5 ratio.

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